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One of the most common problems that nearly 7 out of 10 women face is weight and fat loss. It is a constant struggle battling with weight issues. And let me tell you that America is the number one nation in the world that has the highest rates of obesity. The underlying cause is the hectic lifestyles that people live these days. They seem to be constantly on the run and hardly have time for themselves let alone trying to take out some time to exercise and going to the gym. Most of them do not even find the time to cook a healthy meal for themselves and instead land up ordering food from a takeaway menu and thus in turn putting on large amounts of weight.

People are not eating right and hardly have time to even exercise. This lifestyle is proving to be every dangerous especially when health issues are taken into consideration. You could end up with heart disease or even suffer from a stroke. Have you ever thought that why it is more difficult for women to lose weight as compared to men? Well you can blame it on the hormone called Leptin. The Venus factor basically lays stress on this issue that why is much more difficult for women to lose weight and it gives a solution for weight loss which is targeted at women all over the world which helps them to lose weight and be healthy at the same time.

Leptin Hormone

Venus factor diet reviews

Men and women both are created on a differently. Something that can work for women may not work for men and this is because of the metabolism. Leptin is the hormone which is responsible for the ability of the body to burn fat. When one has low levels of leptin it makes your metabolism slow and it reduces down the ability of your body to break down the fat hence you end up putting on weight. If your levels of Leptin are high then your metabolism is also boosted and it helps you to burn the fat effectively. It is a fact that women have more Leptin hormones as compared to men. But they have two main issues to battle when it comes down to losing weight. One is the resistance that women face from leptin as women s bodies tend to act slower in response to the hormone as compared to men. And the second being that when there is a drop in the level of leptin the body reaches a weight loss plateau it becomes very difficult to lose weight effectively. When this occurs your metabolism slows down drastically and the process of losing weight becomes all more difficult.

Venus Factor Review

After years of research Scientists have finally found a way to ensure that weight loss can occur in women all thanks to the Venus factor. This weight loss wonder was founded by John Barban. It comes as a 12 week intensive plan which is designed keeping women in mind only. What happens in this is that your metabolism speeds up which in turn helps you to lose the weight and have that sexy figure you have always dreamt off but could never achieve. And yes it is losing weight for good. We all are aware that there is no magic in losing weight you have to be focused and be dedicated to lose weight and reach your goals. The factor only sticks to the basic and helps you to achieve your targets in the long run.


Fat Loss

The system comes with an online facility where you can be in touch with fellow members and get a boost. Whenever you feel low and feel that you have nothing to do. And all is just at $ 47. There are lots of informative articles that you can find on the internet that will give you an insight into this plan. Lots of women the world over have seen some amazing benefits with this product and have successfully lost weight. Hence it is proved that the Venus factor does indeed work and it gives you quick results as well. You have the feature of a money back policy where if in 60 days you are not satisfied with the product you can have all the money back as well.

When you have been struggling to lose those last few pounds then the best thing to do is to switch to the Venus factor these are the ideal weight loss methods that can help you to get rid of the unwanted fat that you have been trying to shed off. And if following diets is not your cup of tea then the Venus factor is the best solution for you.

Problems following a diet

The main problem that comes while following a specific diet is that you need to be prepared ahead of time. And these days most people hardly have any time for them, they are so busy with making a fine career for them that such things often take the backseat. And while following a diet you need to have at least 5-6 meals in a day. Most of the time we are not able to follow a diet because of these constraints and as a result we fall off track. This supplement not only helps you to lose weight but also helps to change and improve your eating habits as well. And the best bit is that they help you to stick to your goals and you can lose weight at the same time.

These weight loss pills show best results when they are consumed right after a session in the gym. Since once you have worked out your muscles tear and they need time to rest and to build up again. And the food that we eat does not help so much in this process as some of the essential vitamins and minerals are always missing. This is where Venus factor comes into action. It is packed with all the right quantities of protein, minerals and vitamins that are needed by our body to repair it and lose weight as well.

So if you want to drop those extra kilos, without going through the crazy fad diet phenomenon then make sure that you get on this program and you lose the weight in the smart and the correct way.

Women are more prone to gain weight easily

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It is a proven fact that women tend to gain weight more easily than men and it is only because of the lack of ability to burn fat. And there are reasons for it. They tend to consume lesser calories than what need to be burnt. Lack of exercising is the main problem as it can lead up to a great amount of weight. One needs to be active rather than living a sedentary lifestyle. And the most essential of all is the roles of hormones in a woman’s body which makes it even more difficult to lose weight.

Hormones are also known as chemical messengers are the help in the functioning of main processes of the body. And if there is even a small bit of fluctuation in the body it is enough to throw things off the edge. One of the most pivotal times that a woman goes through a hormone imbalance is during pregnancy and menopause each of which cannot be avoided.

What happens here is that the metabolism slows down drastically which leads to an increase in the weight. You must have noticed that women tend to put on weight around their middle area specifically. And let me tell you it is not that simple to shed off the fat and the flab. And losing weight is not an over night process. You need to have a healthy diet plan along with an exercise schedule. These are the best ways to keep the weight off. And of course the Venus factor as well as it helps to dissolve the fatty tissues and boost a sluggish metabolism.

Precautionary Measures:

One of the most important things to keep in mind while buying any supplement is to ensure that it has credibility from the FDA and whether it has been approved or not. Most of these supplements test negative for the body but despite this some supplement pills can cause serious medical conditions or even have an adverse drug reaction on you. If however you face even the slight amount of side effects make sure that you visit your doctor. Also it is best no to have these diet pills in the long run as they tend to do more harm than good. Make sure that you eat only the prescribed dosage and nothing more than that. Females need to be extra cautious when it comes to choosing diet pills so a visit to your doctor is advisable before you start off on any program.

How does the system work?

Now that you are aware of what factors are responsible for weight gain in women let us tell you more about how the Venus factor actually works. It is a revolution in the world of weight loss. And John certainly made a remarkable discovery while designing this weight loss supplement for women. Here you can go back to the basics and loose those extra pounds and all your doubts and misconceptions about weight loss will be cleared.

Mentioned below are some reasons that the product will work for you.

  • It gives you a new lifestyle as it is a diet plan followed by an exercise schedule as well which is made keeping women in mind.
  • It lasts for 3 months only which are more than enough to change you from a chubby self to a slimmer and fitter version of you.
  • It gives you a lean and a sexy figure in no time. It was made keeping in mind that women need to be more tired than they have ever been. I’m sure we all yearn to have that dream figure of model and yes now thanks to the Venus factor it can be achieved.
  • All the points of this supplement revolve around the wants and needs of women and it specifically understands that a woman’s body and metabolism levels are very different as compared to men.
  • And the icing on the cake is that it targets specific areas as well so it is perfect you if you want to get a thin waist and thighs that are perfect. Imagine being able to lose all the flab and having a more toned body.
  • Make sure that you do not take the Venus factor lightly as it will help you to lose weight drastically and you will not have to worry ever again about being chubby. Now what you will not find with this plan is expensive gym equipment that you do not need to use.
  • It does not have tough and never ending exercises that you need to follow daily and no special foods as well.

Consumption of this product helps to keep the glucose levels in check:

Chlorogenic acid is responsible for letting out glucose in the blood. However the product shows more effect when it is consumed after a eating something. Consumption of the Venus factor over a considerable time period reduces the chances of acquiring diabetes in your life. With the chances of diabetes being reduced other problems like aging also slow down. For a healthy lifestyle it is best to consume the pill as it keeps diseases at bay and gives you a healthy life.

The phytochemical extracts help to dismiss free radicals:

These free radicals are created as a result of bad digestions and some toxins that are formed in our bodies. So this Chlorogenic acid is an antioxidant which fights these radical by the process of absorption. In the process it also speeds up the metabolic rate and reduces the fat cells that the body produces. A large amount of damage can be caused by these free radicals. It is found to be the responsible factor for cancer according to research and study.

What benefits does it have?

•  Helps to increase the metabolism of fat. The cholorgenic acid that is instituted in this extract helps the liver to speed up the procedure of metabolizing the fat at a quicker tempo which in turn helps to lose weight.

•  Decreases the rate at which our body absorbs fat

•  Helps to burn the fat that is deposited in the cells

Increases the metabolism as well and helps the body to burn off fat at a much faster pace.

How does it Work For Women?

The main question that will pop up in your minds is that does this actually work or is it just another scam? Well there has been quite hype around the diet and the workout but the Venus factor does work and has been tested to be successful. The author has targeted women while making this supplement and it was he who had discovered the magic of helping thousands of women lose weight the world over. And solving the issue of leptin has certainly helped people overcome their weight loss issues.

Reasons why women need a different approach:

High levels of leptin is what women has in large quantities and the resistance to burn it is very less in the body and when women tend to fast these levels fall rapidly and thus in turn weight loss does not happen. Leptin improves the metabolism of the body and will help to burn the fat at a great speed.

What Results you get

does it work

The plan of the Venus factor comes with a special diet that is not very difficult to follow and an exercise plan as well. It has all the things that one would need to lose weight. If you follow it correctly there is no reason that you will not achieve your goals. Make sure that you do not give up mid way for this we have several fellow dieters as well who are always there to keep you motivated. So makes sure that you become a part of the online forums. They can be very helpful if you are in low spirits are feeling discouraged. It is a great way to share your victories with the fellow members and boost your morale.

What Will You Get?

The Venus factor comes with excellent tips on how to keep on track. And a step by step guide as well. This has all the information that you need about the diet and the exercise plan that you need to follow as well. There is round the clock online help also available if you need to get your doubts cleared at any point of time. So girls what are you waiting for make sure that you get this product and say bye to ugly bulges and tight jeans forever and say hello to a leaner, fitter and a sexier you.

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